Lockdown: We are open

Dear Patient,

We are happy to announce that our PT practice will remain open during the recently announced lockdown, for all treatments and conditions.

You can make an appointment with your usual physiotherapist through Doctolib (Lesley Noël or Romain Pelle), or let us know by e-mail.

As a reminder, we have implemented several measures in place to ensure that we are following health regulations :

1. Provision of hand sanitizer in the waiting room (to be used by the patient before and after the treatment session)

2. The use of personal protective equipment by your PT during your consultation (mask, scrubs, protective eyewear, and if necessary, gloves)

3. Disinfection procedures for the treatment beds and doorknobs, and other equipment used during the session, ventilation of the room after each session and alternating treatment rooms between each patient (we have 2 treatment rooms for one PT)

In order to maintain safety measures, please observe the following during your consultation:

1. If possible, arrive at the exact time of the appointment to avoid spending more time in the waiting room

2. Masks are mandatory. Please come with your own mask and do not remove it during your session.

3. Please avoid all unnecessary contact with equipment and other objects in the office

4. When leaving, use some hand sanitizer once outside the building

5. If you have a document to give us, please scan them instead of handing them over.

We would also like to inform you that certain therapy conditions are offered at a specific time only. We continue to do one-to-one sessions on time and by doing so, we avoid crowding in the waiting room (the next patient will be welcomed in the other treatment room).

If you are sick or if you think that you have been in contact with someone with the COVID-19 virus, please let us know right away so we can cancel your appointment. 

We understand that it is a difficult period and most of you will probably find it hard to come in for your sessions. Please know that your safety is our priority – continue to stay at home as much as you can and follow government regulations for the safety of everyone. We also offer telehealth for those who can’t come in for their sessions (when applicable).

We thank you for your attention and we hope to see you soon. 

Stay safe.

-The Physio Paris Team 

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